Exit Interview Questionnaire

This exit interview questionnaire is intended to provide a lead into the conversation between the Interviewer and the employee who is leaving the organisation. Further questions may be added as the conversation develops which can be noted on the back page.


The objective is to obtain relevant information which will provide the means for the Employer to improve the performance of present and future employees and the performance of the Employer.



Section A: Employee Details

Employee Name




Job Title


Head of Department


Date Engaged


Date Leaving




Section B: Reasons for Leaving

Reason for leaving:




If offered a “better position”,

in what way was it better?


Were you actively looking for new employment?



If yes, what were the factors that influenced you to do that?






Section C: Recruitment & Induction Process

When you started employment with us, did you sign a contract of employment?




Were you given a copy of the Employee Handbook?


Did you receive Orientation Training?



Did you receive a job description of performance document?



Was your Manager or Supervisor prepared for your start with the Company?


How effective was the instruction, guidance and training and development that you received?


What would have helped you perform better sooner?


What other improvements can you suggest to benefit future employees?



Section D: Employment Conditions

During your employment, what are your feelings about:


The benefits offered by the company, e.g. medical aid assistance or retirement funding?



Your prospects of development or advancement?




The training and development you received?





The policies, such as the Employment Equity Policy, the Recruitment Policy and the Training & Development Policy?


The performance management system?




Your hours of work, working conditions and facilities provided?




The payment you received for the work which you do?





Section E: Communication and Relationships

How do you feel about the communication structures within the company?




How well did you and your supervisor or manager communicate? Please comment on the style of communication, for example was it respectful?



Was your confidentiality respected?





How was your resignation, or incapacity consultation, or operational requirements consultation, or dismissal handled?





How did you get on with your colleagues and did you feel comfortable within the company? Please comment on whether you were made to feel uncomfortable about your religious or cultural beliefs, or your gender, or race, or sexual orientation.


Did you at any time raise any issues on these matters with either your Manager or the Employment Equity Committee? If not, why was this?





Would you recommend the company as a good organisation to work for? Please explain whether your answer is yes, or no.





Section F Additional Explanation (Please make reference to relevant section or question)
















Section G: Signatures



Employee Signature








Interviewer Signature








Section H: Interviewer Comments and Recommendations for Policy and Procedure Improvements

















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