Probationary Enquiry Form

Probationary Enquiry Form



Employee details:


First names and surname:




Review date:











Employee has the right to:


  • Be represented by a fellow employee / shop steward of your choice from the workplace.
  • State your case in response to these allegations
  • Put questions to witnesses
  • An interpreter if required


Confirm the following:


Have you received a Notification Letter detailing the above allegations and informing you of the enquiry?




Do you understand the allegations of poor or unacceptable work performance?




Have you had sufficient time to prepare your response?





Details of allegation/s:


The following aspects of your work have been unsatisfactory or have failed to meet the required standards as detailed in your Performance Agreement:






Do you confirm that the following standards of work performance apply to your job:?

(Refer to Performance Agreement)






These performance standards were made know to you during:


___ Induction

___ Counseling

___ Training/Mentoring

___ Performance Agreement



The following assistance has been provided to assist you to improve your work performance:


___ Mentoring

___ Training

___ Counseling


Note details of assistance given:






Employee’s comments / response:








Was the employee required to meet performance standards?    


Yes / No


If yes, why?




Were the performance standards lawful and reasonable?


Yes / No


If yes Why




If so, could the employee reasonably have been expected to be aware of the performance standards?


Yes / No


If yes, why?




Was it probable that the employee’s performance did not meet these required standards?


Yes /No


If yes, why?





Sanction Outcome of Probationary Enquiry - Option 1:


As discussed, the following Action Plan will be implemented in order to bring your work performance up to the required standards:





Your progress in implementing this action plan and in improving your work performance to meet the required standards will be reviewed on the following date:_____________



Should you require:


- Any further clarification with regards to your poor or unacceptable work performance,

- Any further clarification of your required work standards,

- Any additional assistance needed to meet your required work standards,


Then please feel free to discuss these with your manager.




Chairperson : _______________




Sanction/Outcome of Probationary Enquiry – Option 2



After considering the options and alternatives, the following sanction has been decided on:



___ Extension of Probationary Period


___ Dismissal



Extension: Employee’s agreement


I hereby agree to the extension of my probationary period.


New date:   ________________



Employees signature: __________________ Date: _____________________


Chairperson’s Comment/Reasons for this decision:









You shall/shall not be required to work out your notice period and your last day of employment will be ____________.


Please note that should you not agree to the findings of the Probationary Enquiry, you may refer the matter to the CCMA or the Bargaining council within a period of 30 days.


Chairperson: _____________________________ Date: ________________



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