Recommended Disciplinary Sanctions

Recommended Disciplinary Sanctions for Transgressions needing Disciplinary Action: 

(Please note that this list contains only a few of the common examples and would need to be altered to suit your company’s policies and procedures as well as your particular industry) 

Serious and/or Dismissible 

A formal disciplinary hearing is required in each of these instances before the appropriate sanction is decided on. 

  • Bribery, blackmail, corruption, fraud, dishonesty, theft or removal of property from Company premises, or from employees on Company premises where employed, or from customer's premises, or from Company vehicles. 
  • Unauthorised possession or misappropriation of Company, fellow employee’s or customer's property. 
  • Willful damage to, interference with or wasting of Company, employee or customer property. 
  • Gross insubordination or failing to carry out reasonable instructions or neglect or improper performance of duties or willful non-compliance with Company procedures and standing instructions. 
  • Assault or any attempt to assault any person. 
  • Being under the influence, or in possession of intoxicating liquor or drugs whilst at work, or taking of liquor or drugs whist on the Company's premises. 
  • Clocking in or out falsely or clocking another employee's clock card. 
  • Failing to carry out safety precautions, dangerous horseplay and unauthorised removal of safety appliances. 
  • Failing to report a work accident or damage to Company property. 
  • Sexual harassment. 
  • Unauthorised or negligent operation of machinery or equipment, willful damage to or interference with or wasting of Company property, tools, machines, etc. 
  • Unauthorised use of Company vehicles, or driving any vehicle negligently. 
  • Unauthorised absence from work place for 3 days or more without notifying the Company. 
  • Changing a medical certificate or using a false name; falsifying any document pertaining to the Company. 
  • Gross insolence, insolence or defiance of authority. 
  • Smoking, lighting of fires or burning of anything in high hazard areas, where signs indicating "no smoking" are clearly displayed. 
  • Being in possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon without the written permission from the Managing Director. 
  • Unprotected industrial action, or inciting other employees to participate in industrial action, including, but not limited to strikes & work stoppages. 
  • Disclosure or misuse of Company information unless reasonably required in terms of labour legislation. 
  • Unauthorised use of Company property for private or other purposes. 
  • Victimisation, racism or discrimination. 
  • Intimidating or inciting employees to violence of any form. 
  • Failing to observe safety rules or to wear protective clothing or equipment.
  • Making false statements when applying for employment.



A formal enquiry is recommended before deciding on the appropriate sanction. Possible sanctions could be from a first written warning to final written warning depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. A disciplinary hearing is required in instances of a final written warning. 

  • Misuse of the company’s email, internet or telephone services and any other company business tools.
  • Refusing to perform any lawfully assigned regular work, or to obey management instructions without just or reasonable cause. 
  • Loitering in canteen or other departments or on Company premises after having clocked out or on completion of work or being absent from workstation or office without permission.


Serious and/or Less Serious 

A verbal discussion which could result in a verbal or written warning. 

  • Sub-standard workmanship or willfully failing to maintain output or work levels. 
  • Using abusive or insulting language or signs. 
  • Sleeping on duty. 
  • Bad time keeping, late for work or unauthorised absence from work place. Failing to report for overtime work when agreed to do so. 
  • Carelessness and non-compliance with Company rules, regulations and procedures. 
  • Unauthorised absence from work of up to 3 days without notifying the Company. 
  • Posting or distributing notices posters, etc. without the Company's permission or soliciting of any kind.
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