Reference Check Form

Confirmation of Information:
Name of applicant
Position applied for
Date reference taken
Name of Company
Name of Referee
Referee’s relationship to applicant
Confirm last position
Confirm salary
Confirm dates of employment
Confirm the reason for leaving
Ask about re-employment
Behavioural discussion with referee:
Quality & efficiency of work
Comment on the accuracy and the reliability of the work done?
Productivity & drive
Discuss the volume of effective work, the level of diligence, enthusiasm and persistent effort applied to the job.
Initiative & innovation
Discuss their ability to produce constructive or new ideas.
Team work
Discuss their ability to work together towards common goals, behaviour, attitude and respect towards colleagues. What was their role in a team?
Discuss their ability to take responsibility for their role and its outcomes and the willingness to do more than what is required. What kind of supervision did the applicant need?
Leadership, delegation and follow-up.
Consider here the ability to motivate, plan and delegate and also the commitment to following up on expected outcomes.
Time management
Discuss their attitude towards punctuality, ability to prioritise and meet deadlines.
Structured approach and communication
Consider here the ability to follow a structured approach, the ability implement systems and also the use of effective communication. How did the applicant relate to clients?
Areas for improvement
Discuss what areas of their performance needed improvement and why.
General notes:
Do you have any additional comments or is there anything you think I should know about this person that will help make a decision about this person’s fit for the position and organization?
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