Relocation Assistance Policy

The following policy applies to any employee who will be required to relocate for business purposes or to take up a position with a company in a different city. This policy covers the employee and any spouse/partner or family currently living with the employee under the same roof. Relocation is classified as a move from one major city to another.

The company will consider approval of the following:

Reconnaissance trip

The employee together with the employee’s spouse / partner is entitled to a two (2) day reconnaissance trip to the new city for the purpose of scouting for accommodation and schools. This will include children if school interviews are required.

The costs will include flights at economy rates and accommodation which will be arranged by the company and will include a meal allowance.

Removal and storage of personal and household effects

The employee will be required to submit three (3) quotations from reputable removal companies; these quotations must include insurance coverage. The Line Manager together with the Financial Director and Human Resources will authorize which quotation will be used.

The company will cover the cost of packing and removal of all personal and household effects to the new destination.

If suitable accommodation cannot be found immediately, then the company will pay for the storage of furniture to a maximum of three (3) months.

The company will cover the cost of transportation of motor vehicles to the new destination.

The company will cover the cost of transportation of pets to the new destination.


In the event that the family has to travel by car to the new destination and the distance warrants it, then the company will pay for one night’s accommodation approved by the company. This will also include meals.

Should it be necessary for the employee and family to fly to the new destination due to the distance, then the company will pay for the flight at economy rates and flight arrangements will be arranged by the company.

Interim accommodation

The company will carry the cost of temporary accommodation for the employee and dependants for a period of up to one (1) month at a pre-approved rate whilst searching for permanent accommodation (where necessary). The company will not pay for the following expenses: room service, bar accounts, telephone and non-essential costs. The company will pay for all meals and laundry within reason.

Settling in allowance

A settling in allowance equivalent to one (1) month gross salary will be paid to the relocated employee. This will be a once off amount. Receipts of expenses should be kept by the employee in case proof of expenses is required by the Receiver of Revenue.

School uniforms

The company is prepared to pay for the uniforms of school going children on the receipt of an invoice. This will be a once-off payment and will only cover essential clothing required. Management approval and prior authorization must be obtained.

Re-imbursement period

Should the employee leave the company of his/her own accord or as a result of misconduct or poor performance, within 24 months from the date of relocation, then the employee will be obliged to reimburse the company for all costs incurred as follows:

0 – 6 months


of total cost incurred

6 – 12 months


of total cost incurred

12 – 18 months


of total cost incurred

18 – 24 months


of total cost incurred

Thereafter no re-imbursement amount will be payable.

In the case of retrenchment or termination due to ill health, no re-imbursement period will apply. 

Any other expenses outside of this policy are for the employee’s own account. The company will not be responsible for the cost of lights, water, key or other deposits.

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