Resignation Procedure

It is important that, irrespective of the reasons behind an employee’s resignation, that the process is facilitated effectively and that the employee is handled with respect. Failure to do this creates a negative and unprofessional image of the company.
The following procedures should be noted when dealing with an employee’s resignation.
1         Notice period
The notice period of XYZ from date of resignation is to be honoured unless otherwise stated in the contract of employment or unless otherwise agreed by both employer and employee.
The notice of resignation must be in writing and must be dated. 
2         Identify the reason for resignation
When an employee resigns, the immediate manager and HR should have a professional discussion as to the reasons for the resignation. This establishes a foundation for the resolution of possible problems and/or prevention of the resignation.
3         Endorsement of the resignation letter
Should the resignation be unavoidable then the direct manager must indicate acceptance of the resignation by signing on the resignation letter and must confirm the last date of employment.
4         The role of Human Resources
HR will ensure an effective administration around the resignation including the calculation of final payment including any leave due and termination from the medical aid scheme (if applicable). A certificate of service will be issued to the employee on the last day of employment. The final salary payment will be paid to the employee on his/her last day with the company.
An exit interview will be conducted with the employee and a summary will be forwarded HR for diagnostic compilation.
5         Leave entitlement
The employee’s accumulated leave balance will be paid on termination of service. Annual leave is not granted during the notice period and may not be taken in lieu of a notice period. Management may consider special circumstances where annual leave is requested during a notice period.
6         Payment in lieu of notice
The company reserves the right to offer the employee payment in lieu of a notice period.
7         Termination checklist
It is the Line Manager’s responsibility to ensure that all company property is returned, such as:
Laptops /PC Equipment is returned
Office/desk keys are returned
Security Access Tags.
Petrol Cards
Company Credit Card
Parking Garage Card
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