Free To Grow

Contact Person: Kim van Schoor
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Free To Grow ignites purpose, passion and potential for growth within people and organisations so that both may thrive.

Full Company Profile:

Free To Grow ignites purpose, passion and potential for growth within people and organisations so that both may thrive.

We do this by partnering with organisations to:

  • Nurture an agile and engaged culturethat drives the organisation forward
  • Grow awareness and practical skills in leadersto lead change and strengthen engagement and performance in their teams
  • Strengthen respect, trust, understanding and connection in teams 
  • Enhance psychological capital in individuals and develop the desire as well as the ability to perform and contribute according to their potential
  • Create a sustainable impact and value for local communitiesand societyat large.


We are a black-owned company with a wealth of experience and impressive track record.Since 1994 our programmes have been implemented in 1350 organisations, in 34 countries, reaching over 101 500 people.Examples of organisations who have implemented our programmes on either a large scale or over an extended period of up to 22 years are MultiChoice Africa, Coca-Cola SA, SABMiller, TFG, Woolworths, UNICEF, SA Breweries, AVIS, RCL Foods, Vector Logistics, Imperial Fast ‘n Fresh and UCT.

Our Offerings

Culture & Engagement:We support organisations to win in the marketplace and win in the workplace throughprogrammes and processes that align the hearts and minds of employees to the goalsand strategies of the organisation.

We help employees see and understand the big Picture, buy into the Plan to help theorganisation thrive and take ownership of playing their Part – something that is ofparticular importance during times of change.


Leadership Development & Coaching:  Our practical and inspirational leadership development programmes are focused onthe heart of leadership, developing the desire and skills to bring out the best in othersand mobilise them to excel.

Our area of speciality is equipping first line and future leaders to effectively transitionsome of the most challenging turns in the leadership pipeline while providing theirimmediate leaders with the knowledge and skills to support their growth.

Amongst our facilitators and consultants, we have accredited coaches who cancomplement the group learning with individual coaching to support learning.


Individual & Team Development: Our personal mastery and employee wellbeing programmes aim to improve the qualityof people’s lives, in as well as outside of the workplace.Our team development programmes increase understanding, openness, and cohesionin teams and create a framework for more authentic and constructive communication,channelling energy, previously absorbed in conflict, into problem solving andteamwork.

Our signature strengths

  • Transformative learning methodology:

Creating programmes that offer learners a stimulating and meaningful learning experience that change mindset andbehaviour is our art and our passion.

Through 30 years of experimentation and research in the field of learning and communication we have developed aunique, image-rich methodology that brings across messages in a fresh way that makes them stick.This methodology is impactful across all job levels and helps to create a common language in organisations.

  • Passionate, highly skilled facilitators:

We have taken great care in selecting and growing our team of facilitators. The diversity in the team enables us tocreate an excellent match in terms of different target groups, industries and needs, ensuring that the learningexperience is optimised.

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