Entries with Company Names starting with 'F'

City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: FeedbackRocket offers award-winning technology which enables important work-place conversations that would never happen face-to-face. Our primary products include the 360 degree survey, employee engagement survey and exit interview solution. FeedbackRocket's unique chat functionality enables managers to follow up on any comment or rating by an anonymous respondent through a private, online text conversation with that respondent (who remains anonymous throughout). It's a very powerful way of opening up the lines of communication in the work-place. We also apply an advanced statistical and actuarial approach to the analysis of your data, to give you the important insights you need to actually improve the business and the management team.
City: National
Province: National
Short Description: Free To Grow provides a blend of high quality, contextually relevant learning programmes and innovative processes that enhance employee engagement and meaningful dialogue within the organisation.
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: FvT HR Consulting provides professional HR knowledge and experience combined with strategic and operational HR interventions to assist clients to implement best practice and to ensure compliance to relevant labour legislation. FvT HR Consulting’s recruitment arm to the business does not operate as a traditional recruitment services provider. We basically act as an extension of the Client’s HR/Recruitment division. In fact this recruitment service purely came about in an attempt to reduce our Client’s recruitment costs. Our Vision/Tagline: Delivering reliable, timeous service excellence to our clients; it’s what sets us apart. Quote: “the best HR people are a kind of hybrid: one part pastor, who hears all sins and complaints without recrimination, and one part parent, who loves and nurtures, but gives it to you fast and straight when you’re off track.” – Jack Welch, Winning