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Johannesburg Gauteng

Labour Law Management Consulting has over 25 years of experience in the fields of labour law and labour relations. Our CEO writes labour law columns for a number of leading publications and is co-author of two labour relations books. He has been a CCMA Commissioner and is the Chairperson of the Labour Affairs Committee of the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI). He is in demand as a speaker at conferences, seminars and contributes extensively to both print and electronic media. In recognition for his exceptional work in this field, our CEO has been featured in the book "WHO'S WHO IN SOUTHERN AFRICA".

Language Boss gives training on how to speak and write professionally in the workplace. If poor communication skills are causing problems in your organisation, we can help. We run our courses virtually, but if you require, we can run them in-person as well.
Cape Town Western Cape

LeadMe is an online leadership programme that empowers and trains managers at all levels with the skills they need to lead themselves and others.
Durbanville Western Cape

Lesson Desk is your end-to-end training partner. We help you provide digital staff training to individuals or groups, and manage every aspect of your training program while they complete it anywhere, anytime. Guide your employees through a comprehensive journey, from screening and onboarding to formal training and exit interviews, and facilitate employee surveys and peer reviews. Distribute your own training content or use Magic Lantern, our content partner, to assist with your training needs.
Cape Town Western Cape

The well rehearsed, perfectly constructed "ELEVATOR PITCH" that we completely deliver: We boost the engagement and productivity of your employees, through creating a positive, healthy and sustainable corporate culture. ​We diagnose, define & design the energy blueprint of your workforce: to reignite that spark, recharge your energy and refuel the drive to outclass, outlast and outperform your competition. We grew tired of the rehashed cliche's and the boxes people were placed into by traditional personality scoring & performance measurement methods. They're great for personal awareness, but not that inspiring for the individual and neither does it materially boost their energy or performance. Therefore, our why was born out of necessity. No matter how skilled your workforce, they won't be at their best, professionally or personally, if they don't have energy to perform.
Cape Town Western Cape

Providing HR services to SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED ENTERPRISES, AND GENERAL PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT in all industries (permanent, contract and temporary positions).