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Brain eBox helps your businesses create and manage powerful online learning experiences to build competent and engaged teams. We create top quality content for your brand, which is then delivered through our state of the art, turnkey e-learning tool; which we host and manage for you – all in house. The result is a competent and engaged team that you can trust! We are a proudly registered Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, with 135% procurement recognition.
Cape Town Western Cape

Stronger People Stronger Teams. At Brandt Coaching we coach individuals and teams to meet their challenges with ease. We specialise in resolving negative dynamics, improving soft skills and building solutions instead of analysing problems. We build the strong people and cohesive teams that can do the work. Because only strong people and strong teams can become leaders and be truly productive, creative and flexible achievers. Only strong people and strong teams can excel – and bring fun, flow and ease back into work.
Cape Town Western Cape

The Significant Life Programmes create an awareness of the higher possibilities for focused openminded observant learners, who are on a mission to do significant things.