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Originating from the world of sports, Mentally Fit is the Human Energy provider for individuals, teams and organizations. Through a universally applicable method, we energize talents, champions and leaders so that they achieve sustainable performance. Enriched by powerful sport’s tools and metaphors adapted to corporate environments, our sessions give a new perspective on operating teams and organizations, with very simple and concrete translations to their professional context.

Full Company Profile:

The MENTALLY FIT METHODOLOGY is a “Coach” approach. By using a “coach attitude” and very challenging questions, the coach stimulates reflection and awareness as well as the will to change and grow. When building teams and energizing individuals, it is key to start from the SQ (the Why):

Why do we do what we do? Why change our leadership style? Why work together? 

We offer 4 Energising Formats:


-           - Individual Coaching

Perfect for:

Those nominated to a new position, promoted and career orientation.

Multicultural integration (expatriates).

Managing your energy, not just your time.


-           - Team Coaching

Unravelling the secrets behind the creation of a Dream Team through methods and approached field practices, applied by famous sports coaches. Our approach on team coaching is inspired from sports and for this reason very pragmatic, concrete and oriented towards tangible results.


-           - Training

Ability to communicate effectively to clarify complex data and sensitive information.

The ingredients of Group dynamics.

The three energy batteries (IQ, EQ, PhQ).

Detection of talent (personal and collective).


-           - Conference/Keynote speaking

A keynote is already considered a mini training: it permits the creation of a common language and gives a collective impulsion to your company.

Different subjects contents to choose from among MFI’s main topics.


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