International Coach Federation South Africa (ICF SA)

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ICF SA is the South African Chapter of the International Coach Federation - the leading global credentialling body for coaches. ICF is advancing the coaching profession so coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional coaching. To select an ICF coach in South Africa go to

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The International Coach Federation runs a rigorous accreditation process which requires coaches to:

1. Complete a minimum number of hours through an accredited training programme and maintain this through carefully assessed continuing professional development.

2. Deliver the required number of hours per accreditation level of paid-for coaching. Each coaching hour is logged for every client coached to that the ICF can audit the quality of the coaching delivered.

3. Commit to and be rigorously tested on the ICF Core Competencies, which are regarded as the basis for effective coaching

4. Be re-assessed regularly to ensure maintenance of this rigorous standard.

This gives clients and HR Executives the assurance that an ICF accredited coach has been credentialled at one of the 3 recognised levels:

  • ACC - Accredited Coach Certificate
  • PCC - Professional Coach Certificate
  • MCC - Master Coach Certificate

ICF coaches are assessed according to global standards and their continuing professional development is also measured as part of maintaining their credential level.

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